Friday, November 21, 2008

Beauty And The Beast

Last night my mom & I went to our local high school performance of Disney's Beauty And The Beast. I have to give the actors and crew 5 stars. It was an awesome performance. The leads were all superb . They're singing, oh, was right on. I kept thinking some of these singers need to go for an American Idol tryouts, they were that good.

Over 4 years ago, my mom and I went to Pennsylvania on a bus tour, and one of the things on the itinerary was a dinner & theater, which was Beauty And The Beast. Those actors were older and professional, and I LOVED the performance there. But I have to say, the High School performance was just as good as those who performed at that dinner & theater performance. I'm still in WoW. My mom was hesitant at first, because being on a work night for her, she'd be awfully tired the next morning. But she enjoyed it and was glad she went. She said it was worth it.

Also I encourage any theater teacher out there, who don't know what to perform for their school, do the Beauty And The Beast! It's a great story, that everyone loves!

I really recommend everyone to check out there local school theater. Those kids work hard, and who know, may someday be famous! Plus it's great to get involve with the community!

Found a clip of the performance on you tube. Hope they'll be more!

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