Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Weight Gain, No Weight Lost

I went to LA Weightloss today to get weighed in and I was pumped up, I excercise 3 times this week at curves, I didn't eat any chocolate, I had only 1 can of coke this week, no snacking and felt pretty confident that I had lost something. But when I got on the scales is read the same as last week. I was so disapointed. I couldn't figure out what I did wrong. I did have pizza last night, but only 1 piece.

My consultant said it's probably because I'm not getting my water in and I'm not eating all the times I'm suppose to. My set up is that I eat breakfast, then a LA Lite, Lunch, LA Lite then dinner. I haven't been good on making sure I eat my breakfast, and I haven't been eating my LA Lites. So I'm going to push the water, because I don't ever drink it. The consultant recomended that I have a glass of water with every meal, this way it covers 2 servings per meal. I think I can do that. So let's hope for better results next week.


Domestic Goddess said...

Don't forget that muscle weighs more then fat, so its not uncommon for the scale to go the other way in the beginning. Do they take measurements as well as weigh you? Just curious. :p

Angie said...

They only measure me once a month. So in 2 more weeks I'll be getting measured. I was thinking of that in the back of my head, but thought it might be to soon to build muscle...but maybe not.