Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jayden's 1st Birthday

Today is Jayden's 1st birthday. Officially at 6:58 tonight. He came only a few day's early. Did I even think of my baby being born on Valentine's Day. No way. Friends and family joked with me about it, how "wouldn't it be cool if your baby was born on Valentine's Day?". I would chuckle and say yeah, but never believed it would happen. My first boy was born 3 weeks early, not sure why, he was healthy, and I was healthy through out my pregnancy. He just wanted out I guess. Then Brayden, well he didn't want to come out. 1 week before my due date, my doctor wanted to induce me. It was mainly because I want her to do the delivery, that's why they scheduled it. But he was not ready. They started the procedure at 7am and at 2:30, nothing. So I stopped it and we rescheduled another date 1 week after my due date, the 31st of January. He was born at 12:25 that afternoon.

Jayden, I figured would be the same as Brayden. I'd probably have to be induced again. At 2:30 in the afternoon my water broke. Adam was at Wal-mart, and I was home with the other 2 boys. So I called him up and told him my water just broke. He was not to far from my mother's work so he stopped in and told her that my water broke. They both arrived home at the same time. Adam stayed with the boys, and my mom brought me to the hospital. I had called the hospital before they arrived, and told them what happen. So at 4:00 I finally arrived at the hospital, very little contractions. Went to the labor room, and waited. I was dilated and we were all waiting. At 6:00, my contractions were getting very painful. I wanted and epidural, because I had it with Brayden, and it made my delivery so much easier, but the anesthesiologist, couldn't do it. After about 15 -20 minutes of trying, she gave up. After she left the room, I told the nurses I was feeling pressure, so she checked me, I was only 9cm dialated, but she got my doctor. My doctor arrive and checked me and said lets start pushing. Well at 6:58pm he was born. It's a Valentine's Day I'll never forget!

Jayden's Birthday Party...

His Birthday Cake (Grandma Made it)

Singing Happy Birthday To Jayden...He Then Put's His Hand In

Jayden Eating His Cake & Ice Cream

All Done Eating

Tubby Time...

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