Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Time Travelers Wife Review

Yesterday my best friend and I had a girls day out, and we decided to go see The Time Travelers Wife. Well I have to be honest, part of me wanted to see the movie and part of me didn't. Though my best friend could not wait to see it.

Please be aware, that there is spoilers in this review, so if you don't want to know what happens stop reading. This movie is about a man, Henry (Eric Bana), who has a rare genetic disorder, which happens to be able to travel through time. The beginning was a little hard to follow, but you stay into it. Henry falls in love with Claire (Rachel McAdams), who has known him since she was a little girl. She knows all about his genetic disorder but still fall's in love with him. They then get married, which he surprisingly leaves on their wedding night. After some time goes by and Henry leaving Claire uncontrollably and being gone for who knows how long, Claire becomes tired of it. She then finds out she's pregnant and, after a couple miscarriages, which is believed it's because the baby has the same genetic disorder and is traveling outside the womb. Henry becomes concern about it and takes it into his own hands and gets a vasectomy without Claire knowing. Well Claire knows how to play games too. One night Henry's younger self calls Claire up and wants her to meet him and she sneaks out of the house to do so, and guess what she does, yeap, because the younger Henry hasn't had a vasectomy, she get's pregnant again, though this time she was able to carry the baby full term.

The movie was incredible, and your waiting for what is going to happen. As it shows one part where the older Henry is in the current couples home laying on the floor with a blood on him, then disapears, the couple becomes worried. As Claire does say that she never see Henry older then his 40's.

I recommend to go watch the movie. I give it 4 stars! Here is a trailer of the movie...

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